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Parasite Information

Hulda Clark has written several books on the topic of Parasites. Dr. Clark's book, The Cure For All Diseases is perhaps the most well known to date. In this book Dr. Clark states that she believes that all disease is set up in our body by a combination of Pollutants and Parasites. The book also has Dr. Clark's suggestions for getting rid of the invaders, and living preventively. The book goes from head to toe describing the step by step process by which the combination of Parasites and day to day Toxins and Pollutants add up to each and every person's unique form of disease. Click here to start a short animation about Dr. Clark's theories on Pollutants and Parasites.

Research being done at Queensland Institute of Medical Research have recently discovered the same thing Dr. Hulda Clark discovered so long ago. The human liver fluke (Opisthorchis viverrini) contributes to the development of liver cancer by secreting granulin, a growth hormone that is known to cause uncontrolled cell growth.

Parasites are an odd topic. No one really wants to think about little critters living inside our body causing mayhem. However, human beings are one of the most parasitized critters on earth due to all our wide variety of diet, world travel, and life style habits. Parasites are a major concern for governments and city health regulation agencies. The UN and it's Partners for Parasite Control has reported:

Intestinal worm infection affects at least 2 billion persons worldwide and is a significant public health threat in regions where sanitation and hygiene levels are inadequate. These worms can be contracted when skin comes into contact with contaminated water or soil, or through ingestion. Heavy infection can impede intellectual and physical development. Symptoms include fever, chills and muscle aches, and if left untreated, leads to irreversible organ damage. Treatment is with cheap single-dose, effective drugs taken three times a year or once every two years, depending on the prevalence of infection in the area.

Parasites are a major global concern. The UN are using Mebendazol to treat parasite infection world wide. Children are being treated in order to keep them parasite free. There are major global efforts being made to educate people in order to keep their body parasite free. One of the problems educating people is that in most instances, the person does not have any symptoms for years. Dr. Clark's book suggests a traditional Herbal Parasite Cleanse of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood Blend, and Clove Capsules. Dr. Clark also uses an experimental frequency device of her own invention called a Zapper that "zaps" the parasites when one holds the handles (with no pain or electric shock to the user - just a slight tingle). The simple instructions for building your very own zapper are in Dr. Clark's books. Parasite drugs, like all pharmaceuticals have side effects that can be toxic, so they require a doctor visit and prescription. The herbal cleanse can be sold over the counter, and the user does it at home. The Hulda Clark program is considered "experimental" but the herbs have no toxic side effects, and are sold over the counter without a prescription. Be sure to always talk to your doctor about your natural nontoxic alternatives.

Fasciolopsis Buski Life Cycle

The Center of Disease Control has its very own Division of Parasitic Diseases, or the DPDx for short. The DPDx web site is very interesting. They have posters of parasite life cycles that show how humans are included in the cycle. Here is a life cycle image from their site of the parasite Hulda Clark mentions most in her books, The Human Intestinal Fluke: Fasciolopsis Buski.

Be sure to read one of Dr. Hulda Clark's latest books to learn more about the Herbal Parasite Cleanse, Zapping, and the Kidney and Liver Cleanse that Dr. Clark suggests to help us "clean out the gunk" that we've accumulated over our life time. If you are new to Dr. Clark, it is suggested to start by reading her book, The Cure For All Diseases which outlines the foundation of Dr. Clark's cleansing programs.

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